Saimin Fantasia ~Seijo Kara Maou made, Tanetsuke Harabote yari Houdai!!~


TitleSaimin Fantasia ~Seijo Kara Maou made, Tanetsuke Harabote yari Houdai!!~
Original title催眠ファンタジア~聖女から魔王まで、種付け腹ボテやり放題!!~
AliasesSaimin Fantasia -Opulent Mating F*ckfall from Saint to Hellslut!!-
LengthShort (2 - 10 hours)
Publishers Dieselmine
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The protagonist was a guy who enjoyed porn and games and not much else.
By some slip-up he was whisked to another world.
Forest beasts rushed him from all sides, and in the last moment he was snatched from harm's way by a holy maiden on a quest to destroy the demon lord of this world. He joined her hoping to find a way home, but quite the opposite was in store ... intense days of hot magic-slinging hypnotic hedonism!
From his first orgasmic handjob he ran amok in a land of neverending sex!

But where will his journey ultimately end?

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Main characters

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