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t11488.12018-11-08Best VN Girl Contest on /r/vnsIf you have a reddit account, I'm running a Best Girl in Visual Novels contest. Should be lasting about a month and I'll update this topic. Right
t11466.12018-11-02Announcing licenses before completing projectsDo you think localizing companies should only focus on completing their announced releases before getting/announcing more licenses? I bring up this
t11379.12018-10-14/r/vns did a most desired English TL contestHe made it double elimination with a Winner's and Loser's Bracket. To determine what entries could got in, it seems like as long as it didn't
t11168.12018-09-04I created a top 40 favorite H-Scene list.The List: link So as said in the title, this list is more of a reflection of my top 40 favorite H-scenes cuz there's no way in hell I'm ranking
t11126.12018-08-26There is now a MajiKoi Fan Discord Chatlink This group is more about fans of the series or trying to get people interested in the series to read it and post their progress. We monitor
t11060.12018-08-14/r/vns most desired VN English TL nominationslink
t10776.12018-06-08/r/vns is doing a new vote-in VN rec chart.Feel free to vote as long as you have a reddit account They want a mix of genres, recommendations for any reader and even ones for beginners in
t9931.372017-11-29Crowdsourcing UI & Design Update@yorhel - In the chance you do go through with going through the redesign I'd be happy to do some hardcore testing to make sure it's good. I do
t9931.142017-11-28Crowdsourcing UI & Design UpdateI've been all for a complete redesign of vndb for a long time. It's one of the main reasons I stuck with visualnovelver before it turned into a VN
t8741.42017-02-03Best all-ages bullshit vn?I needed a scene where I was actually watching H scenes while editing a list about them.
t5085.712014-03-11I/O General Discussion ThreadAlright, I have a lot to say/ask about I/O so here goes *spoilers for I/O and Infinity series* Ok so.. I'm guessing the whole point of the VN is to
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