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c39414.22016-10-03 at 04:20superangelo128Kubo AkikoAkiko was incorrectly put as a male. I read the VN and I can most definitely prove she is a female.
c17110.112015-05-29 at 17:44superangelo128Iris Milla SerpettanePut in Stubborn and Tsundere traits
c17108.82015-05-27 at 05:37superangelo128Milphalia Ur UrrilaAdded Deredere and Kind traits
c17110.102015-05-27 at 05:32superangelo128Iris Milla SerpettaneAdded Spoiled and Naive Personality traits
c17108.72015-05-27 at 05:32superangelo128Milphalia Ur UrrilaAdded Naive Personality trait
c241.192015-02-24 at 21:36superangelo128Kanbe KotoriAdded Energetic
c26513.42015-02-05 at 18:31superangelo128Miyoshi KarinAdded Stubborn Personality Trait
c26515.32015-02-05 at 18:31superangelo128Inubouzaki FuuAdded Hot Blooded personality
c26516.32015-02-05 at 18:27superangelo128Inubouzaki ItsukiAdded Shy personality trait
c26512.42015-02-05 at 18:26superangelo128Yuuki YuunaAdded Personality Traints
c4169.52013-05-17 at 17:32superangelo128Araragi MinoriBrass Restoration has no H-scenes.
c3939.92013-04-08 at 03:08superangelo128Aoi IsuzuIsuzu not in Eternal Heart's characters for some reason
c3938.102013-04-06 at 04:31superangelo128Hisakaki KosameIncluded Kosame as a main character of Eternal Heart (since she is). I'm surprised she was left out.
v6245.62012-03-25 at 08:02superangelo128Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! SAdded 4 photos to Majikoi S. 2 CGs and 2 in game screencaps
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